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After passing my ITEC Level 3 in Holistic Massage Therapy with a distinction, I set up SKYN DEEPin 2017. Since then, I have gone on to specialise in over 10 different therapeutic modalities, including Soft Tissue Therapy, Pregnancy, and Aromatherapy.


I am also a Master of Psychology and a member of The British Psychological Society. For my thesis, I conducted a study into the effect of massage therapy on those with chronic pain, earning me a 1st class degree. I use my niche expertise to inform and enhance all of my treatments and firmly believe in the mind:body connection. 


I was inspired to retrain as a body therapist following a car accident which led me to develop Fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Armed with a new enthusiasm for life, I am passionately dedicated to this field of work, and it is my sincerest honour to support clients on their own journey to health, happiness, and healing.

"Anyone wishing to study medicine, must master the art of massage."

- Hippocrates


This 30-minute consultation will allow me to build a clear and complete picture of your current health and wellbeing needs. Using my Aromatherapy expertise, I will handpick two alternative, and equally beneficial, essential and carrier oil blends. These will then be sent to you via first class delivery ready for your scheduled digital massage masterclass. Additional products, such as nasal inhalers, bath salts and lotions will be made and sent, if appropriate for you. 

NOTE: When booking please choose the date and time that you would like your massage masterclass to take place. You will be asked to suggest dates and times for your Zoom consultation on the booking form. Please ensure these are at least 5 days in advance of your massage masterclass booking.


Allow me to digitally guide you through a full body massage routine, adapted to your specific physical needs and desired treatment style.


Whether you want to relax with my Soul Serenity treatment, revive with some deeper work in The Muscle Melter or target a specific area/pain with some Soft Tissue Sports Therapy, I will completely tailor the experience to you and your needs. 


All treatments will be verbally and physically demonstrated.


Allow me to digitally teach you and your loved one how to carry out an effective full-body massage treatment, just as I would do it myself.


In this booking you will each receive an hour of hands on training and massage, using each other as the model. On my own model, I will demonstrate a variety of techniques to soothe stiff necks, calm tense shoulders and relax lower backs. No equipment is needed as I will teach you techniques that can be used sitting in a chair and laying on a bed/sofa. 



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with me by filling out this contact form I endeavour to reply to all enquiries personally within 2-3 days.

I'll be in touch soon!