Enjoy an intensive two hour workshop taught by our Founder, Director, and highly qualified Therapist, Deniz Altinoluk. Learn powerful and effective seated massage techniques in the comfort of your own home with Skyn Deep's bespoke Massage Masterclass. Anatomical areas covered include;


  • Scalp,

  • Neck,

  • Shoulders,

  • Back,

  • Arms,

  • Hands,

  • Feet.


No undressing is required (except shoes and socks), use of oil is optional and not necessary; all you need to provide is enough seating for half of the group.*

This masterclass is not just for couples; come along with your friend, sibling or parent!



Minimum: 6

Maximum: 12

If you have more than 12 guests please contact us directly with your requirements.


We have one set cost for the masterclass which you can split equally amongst your guests. 

* We strongly recommend high back dining chairs, but chairs with a back of any kind will be fine; try to avoid chairs that would be uncomfortable to sit on in a reverse position. 

** Due to the paired nature of the masterclass, it is best to have an even number of guests but we can work with odd numbers.


NOTE: Participation in this masterclass does not qualify you as a massage therapist.


Monday - Sunday

10:00 - 23:00

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